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The Sirah of the Prophet (sws) : A Contemporary and Original Analysis (Dr. Yasir Qadhi) HARDCOVER EDITION

The Sirah of the Prophet (sws) : A Contemporary and Original Analysis (Dr. Yasir Qadhi) HARDCOVER EDITION

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ISBN: 9780860378785
Author: Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Dr Salah Sharief (editor, contributor)
Publisher: Kube Publishing, Islamic Foundation (2023)
Pages: 505 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Following Dr. Yasir Qadhi's ground-breaking video lecture series on the Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , this book is an equally impactful written adaptation. It provides a refreshing insight into the life of the Final Messenger and contextualizes the Sirah in the modern-day context.

In this Sirah you will:

1. Connect with the greatest man to ever lived
2. Learn how to reform your life according to the Prophetic lifestyle
3. Understand the sirah in the modern-day context
4. Apply the sirah of the Prophet (pbuh) to your daily life
5. Strengthen your relationship with the Qur'an

This book provides an in-depth examination of the sirah, delicately combining a chronological account of the life of the Prophet (pbuh) with a contemporary analysis. Almost every page includes a reflection on the actions of the Prophet (p) and how they are relevant to our lives. The book is also unique in that it intertwines the Quran and Sirah, drawing out verses of the Quran and its relevance to the Sirah. After reading this book, the reader will have a deeper understanding of the Qur'an and, most importantly, the context upon which it was revealed.

About the Book

  • Language: English
  • Hardcover: 505 pages
  • ISBN-13: 9780860378785

    About the Authors

    Dr. Yasir Qadhi was born in Houston, where he completed a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering. Thereafter, he pursued Islamic Studies at the University of Madinah, completing a BA in Hadith Sciences and an MA in Islamic Theology. He then undertook his PhD in Islamic Studies from Yale University. He is currently the Dean of The Islamic Seminary of America and resides with his family in Dallas, Texas.

    Dr. Salah Sharief completed a PhD in Law from the University of Leeds. He also studied in Egypt full-time for four years. Salah is also an entrepreneur and writer, founding Wordsmiths, a bespoke translation company; and Sawti, the world's first Islamic audiobook app.

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