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Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Rasulullah (Mirza Yawar Baig)

Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Rasulullah (Mirza Yawar Baig)

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ISBN: 9789678604628
Author: Mirza Yawar Baig
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Pages: 288 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

A book by Mirza Yawar Baig titled "Leadership Lessons from the Life of Rasulullah" was published. An in-depth analysis of the Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) life yields insightful leadership teachings that can be used in many facets of daily life. In "Leadership Lessons from the Life of Rasulullah," Mirza Yawar Baig highlights the Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) exceptional leadership traits and takes inspiration from his life. Through the perspective of the Prophet's life and deeds, the book examines several facets of leadership, including communication, decision-making, empathy, integrity, and strategic thinking. DECIDED to write this book for two reasons: to make the lessons from the life of Rasulullah SAW relating specifically to leadership, easily accessible to the readers whether muslim or not and to make an attempt to see how these lessons are applicable today in a word that is in principle, very similar to the world he lived in. My premise is that, since he was able to change his world and to take his people from being the most insignificant, oppressed and weakest to being the predominant, admired and strongest in just one generation, If we learn how he was able to do it. Then, we will be able to learn to succeed in our world today. I ask ALLAH to be pleased with this work and for His help.

About The Author:

Islamic author, leadership consultant, and scholar Mirza Yawar Baig. He is well known for his leadership development knowledge, especially from an Islamic viewpoint. In order to help those looking to succeed in both their personal and professional life, Mirza Yawar Baig has authored a number of works on leadership, personal development, and spirituality. Mirza Yawar Baig emphasizes the value of moral leadership that is based on Islamic beliefs and principles. In order to help people become effective leaders while remaining true to their faith, he mixes modern leadership theories with Islamic teachings. He provides individuals with these practical insights and tactics.


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