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Stories of the Qur'an Quiz Book (Ammar Awais)

Stories of the Qur'an Quiz Book (Ammar Awais)

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ISBN: 9786035014175
Author: Ammar Awais
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House IIPH (2023)
Pages: 288 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

With the "Stories of the Qur'an - Quiz Book," you can embark on an interesting and informative journey through the timeless stories of the Quran. This interactive book enables readers of all ages to put their knowledge to the test and gain a deeper grasp of the complex narratives found in Islam's holy scripture. This quiz book blends the fun of learning with the rich tapestry of Quranic stories, making the investigation of Islamic teachings an enjoyable and instructive experience. It is ideal for individuals, families, and educational settings.

A Quiz experience Through Quranic Narratives:
Test your knowledge with a quiz experience that covers the Quran's varied stories. Each quiz has been thoughtfully created to fascinate readers, establishing a deeper connection with the prophetic stories, historical events, and moral precepts that have inspired believers for ages.

Making Learning About the Quran Fun:
Make learning about the Quran a fun experience for individuals and families alike. This chapter provides interactive quizzes, riddles, and games that make exploring Quranic stories a pleasurable experience. The quiz book is designed to be user-friendly and interesting, allowing readers to reinforce their knowledge in a fun way.

Comprehensive Coverage of Quranic storylines:
From the legends of Adam (AS) to the wisdom of Prophet Solomon (AS), this quiz book covers all of the Quran's various storylines. Readers will get absorbed in the prophets' challenges, the moral teachings inherent in each story, and the divine wisdom that has endured through the years.


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