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Prophet Mohammed s.a.w (Two books Pack) Prophets in Islam

Prophet Mohammed s.a.w (Two books Pack) Prophets in Islam

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ISBN: 9798986126944
Author: Said Dayioglu
Publisher: Rayan Publishers (January 1, 2022)
Pages: 140 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The Messengers of Allah Series: Prophet ~Mohammed s.a.w (Two Books Pack). Mankind was living in its darkest ages. It was a time when only a small amount of people lived a happy life while the majority were forced into slavery. The people had forgotten their Creator and did not have a purpose in life. However, they lived with the hope that a saviour would come. Alla Almighty had informed many signs of the coming of this saviour before his arrival. Would you like to set off on an amazing journey in time and witness these events? This product includes two books titled: 1- Prophet Mohammed s.a.w: The Expected Saviour 2- Prophet Mohammed s.a.w: Prophethood and the Hijrah Books include Activities, Questions & Answers


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