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Taking Control : A Muslim Woman's Guide to Surviving Infertility

Taking Control : A Muslim Woman's Guide to Surviving Infertility

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ISBN: 978597849494
Author: Farah Dualeh
Publisher: Tughra Books
Pages: 152 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Many young women around the world find themselves in a place they never imagined as little girl. While 'most' women dream to grow up, marry a nice man and have beautiful children, 'some' women struggle with the third step. This difficult passage of life with infertility can be scary and lonely. Trying to conceive and struggling with it is difficult and confusing; but in Taking Control, author Farah Dualeh shows how this journey can be survived. As a Muslim woman who had to go through this journey herself for a long time, Dualeh is sharing her first-hand experience in this self-help book on how to draw on prescriptions from psychology and Islam to take control of the process within oneself, in marriage, in relation to social pressures, on treatment options, and possible family setups.


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