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Biography Of The Prophet Muhammad

Biography Of The Prophet Muhammad

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ISBN: 9786035004589
Author: Dr. Muhammad Ali
Publisher: Darussalam
Pages: 112 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The parents must instill in the child that which will benefit him of faith in Allah and Islamic morals and values. And they must protect this precious jewel from shirk (associating others with Allah) and doubt, and from innovation and sin.As a parent, you must understand that the first one to reap the benefit of instilling these values in the child will be you; that benefit will reach you after you die, and your child will honour you by honouring your family, and thus your good deeds and rewards will not come to an end. May Allah bless you and your children, and benefit both us and you.This series of small books, which was originally published by Dar as-Salaf as-Saalih (may Allah bless them and those who are in charge of these publications) under the title Silsilat Atfaal al-Muslimeen al-Musawwarah (Illustrated Series for Muslim Children ), by Dr. Muhammad ‘Ali (may Allah preserve h offer a foundation on which the child's character may be and guidelines that will help him to understand issues of and worship, and will instill in him good morals and conduct. I have found this series to be very easy to understand, providing knowledge that may be put into practice, beneficial to the new generation and suitable for young and old alike, as they sum up all that is good in different aspects.


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