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Elements of the Divine Commission (Dr. Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi)

Elements of the Divine Commission (Dr. Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi)

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ISBN: 9786144562321
Author: Dr. Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi
Publisher: Jarir Bookstore
Pages: 118 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

These simple analogies and brief presentations of interesting recent discoveries drive the point home quickly. A concise book like a necessity in today's era of doubt and skepticism." - Imam Mustafa Umar "Elements of the Divine Commission: What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist?" This book provides simple answers to these questions, backed up by scientific facts and logical analysis. It is a must read for the young and old, The author invites you to see the universe in a different way, to find a new definition of happiness, to consider a new meaning of knowledge, and to understand your natural desires through a completely different lens. An outstanding translation to English by Samer Arafa, from the original book in Arabic "Muqawwimat al-taklif" by world-renowned Islamic scholar Dr. Mohammad Rateb Nabulsi. 2 color text, Qur'an and hadith in Arabic with translated meanings.


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