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Counsels of Religion (Abdallah ibn Alawi al Haddad)

Counsels of Religion (Abdallah ibn Alawi al Haddad)

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ISBN: 9781891785405
Author: Abdallah ibn Alawi al Haddad ; Mostafa al-Badawi (translator)
Publisher: Fons Vitae (2010)
Pages: 280 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Thorough and enlightening, this account examines the religious practices of Islam. From discourses on reciting the Qur’an and abiding by the five pillars of Islam—profession of faith, prayers, fasting, giving of alms, and pilgrimage—to the role of taqwa—or God fearing—in attaining a good ending to life, this comprehensive guide touches upon many essential aspects of Islam. Additional chapters cover “Ruinous Things,” such as arrogance, resentful envy, and avarice, as well as “Saving Things,” including repentance, sincerity, reflection, and short hopes.


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