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The Hidden Pearls Seerah Encyclopedia Volume 2 (Darussalam Research Center)

The Hidden Pearls Seerah Encyclopedia Volume 2 (Darussalam Research Center)

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ISBN: 9786035004374
Author: Darussalam Research Center
Publisher: Darussalam Publishers (2020)
Pages: 656 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

The 10-volume Hidden Pearls (Al-Lulu Al-Maknoon) is a comprehensive, all-inclusive encyclopedia on the life and works of Muhammad (S). We have tried, to the best of our ability, to include in this momentous work all things relating to the final Messenger of Allah. We have neither overlooked nor trivialized a single minor event or secondary fact, chronicling every incident from his birth to his death. Each and every event has been thoroughly researched, examined and vetted by the thirteen-member Committee and then written in an easy, flowing style.

Full-color exploration of the Prophet's (pbuh) history and life, and in this volume covering:

  • His lineage and family
  • Great signs of his coming
  • His birth and days of youth
  • Prophecies about him

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