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The Secrets of Dialogue and Persuasion (Sulaiman Ibn Awad Qaiman)

The Secrets of Dialogue and Persuasion (Sulaiman Ibn Awad Qaiman)

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ISBN: 9789675699313
Author: Sulaiman Ibn Awad Qaiman
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Publications (2010)
Pages: 269 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Dialogue is the girdle of the intelligent and the habit of the wise. Dialogue has the greatest influence on humans during interactions and is the loftiest method of enlightenment and preaching.

After the advent of prophethood, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) stayed in Makkah for thirteen years without engaging in physical combat with the non-believers, he did not raise a spear nor unsheathe a sword. He was persistently dialoguing with the people of Makkah for thirteen years!

Dialogue was a well established signpost, clearly seen at every stage of the life of the Prophet (SAWW) and at the different points of his call.

Secrets Of Dialogue and Persuasion is a study of the dialogues of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) while inviting to the path of Allah SWT.

  • How did he communicate his message to the World’s superpowers at the time, considering the and community in which he lived?
  • What responses did he receive and what lines of action did he follow?
  • How did he persuade the youths and adolescents to accept his message?
  • How did he converse with his household, including the women and children?
  • What were the major elements of his dialogues that yielded the best results?

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