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Is The Trinity Doctrine Divinely Inspired? (M.A.C. Cave)

Is The Trinity Doctrine Divinely Inspired? (M.A.C. Cave)

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ISBN: 9789675699665
Author: M.A.C. Cave
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Publications
Pages: 110 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This book serves as the food for thought to every right-minded person and the followers of Modern Christianity. The concept of the Trinity had baffled every Christian denomination. Although Mr. M. A. C. Cave was a Christian who believed in the Trinity before, when he carried - out his research into the origin of this doctrine, he discovered to his utter amazement, that it was a later development which was conceived and engineered by various Christian writers and thinkers.

Mr M. A. C. Cave builds up evidence that the Trinity is but a man - made doctrine that falls short of being a revelation from God. Subsequently, this tailor - made doctrine lost its angularity on account of built-in contradictions and proved thorny on the side of Christian hierarchy in general and the clergy in particular who are trying to prop it up.


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