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This Is Love (Ali Albarghouthi)

This Is Love (Ali Albarghouthi)

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ISBN: 9789675699733
Author: Ali Albarghouthi
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Publications
Pages: 500 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

All of us are looking for love. We carry enough pain, frustration, and doubt in us to crush us. Only the comforting embrace of love can save us. We look around and see a world embroiled in so much greed, racism, inequality, and cynicism. We have become more suspicious of each other, more intolerant, and crueler. We need change. Many sing the praises of love and tout it as the answer. But they do not tell us what love is, what to love, and how to love? Everyone imagines and lives it differently.Who is right? Which path should we follow?

No one understands love better than the One who created it. He knows how much we need it and how it can be nurtured. He sent His Books and Prophets to teach us what love is so we can love Him and each other. And He warned us against distorted and toxic love. Islam is the handbook of love. It is the best, fastest, and most comprehensive way to it. This book presents the Islamic message of love through forty hadiths on loving Allah, His Prophet, and His creation. lt explains the indispensability of divine love in human existence, the centrality of love in Islam, and the means to attain and spread love on earth. lt also clarifies common misunderstandings about love in Islam, affirming that Islam is the religion of love par excellence.


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