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Forty Hadeeth Workbook (Moosaa Richardson)

Forty Hadeeth Workbook (Moosaa Richardson)

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ISBN: 9798706952860
Author: Moosaa Richardson
Publisher: Bakkah Publications (2020)
Pages: 235 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Not for independent self-study, this study guide and compilation of important resources includes:

The full text of the Forty Hadeeth, including an-Nawawee's Introduction, and Ibn Rajab's additional eight narrations, laid out in Arabic and English, side by side, in over 100 pages.

A very helpful "Personal Progress Tracker."

Five multiple choice quizzes on the meanings of the narrations, and one comprehensive exam, with answer keys.

Five memorization quizzes, and one comprehensive memorization test.

An "Isnaad" (chain of transmission) for the text, back to the author himself, spanning nearly eight centuries.

A complete, uninterrupted Arabic text of the Forty Hadeeth. (fully voweled)

Another complete, uninterrupted Arabic text, stripped of voweling, to promote Arabic mastery.

A complete manuscript of the Forty Hadeeth, chosen for beginner students, to facilitate graduation from reading the Arabic text fully voweled, to unvoweled, to the actual manuscript. (A major increase in confidence in the learner, in shaa' Allah!)

Detailed wall-through of how to access free online recordings of lessons explaining the text.


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