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Ibn Aqil al-Hanbali's Essay on Islamic Manners

Ibn Aqil al-Hanbali's Essay on Islamic Manners

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ISBN: 9781838489724
Author: Abu-l-Wafa Ali b. Aqil al-Hanbali ; Translated by Jewel Jalil
Publisher: Dar al-Arqam Publishing UK
Pages: 45 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This book is a translation of Ibn 'Aqil al-Hanbali's (d. 513/1119) essay on Islamicmanners,Fusül al-ādāb wa makārim al-akhlāq al-mashrū'a. It presents asignificant number of commendable etiquettes Muslims are required to observefor everyday living and dealings. Ibn 'Aqil's essay is considered to be the shortest,and the earliest extant work from the Hanbali school on Islamic manners. Thelanguage employed in the translation has been kept simple, straightforward, andmodern to make the work accessible to everyone. This bilingual edition, with itsparallel Arabic text, will allow readers to access the original Arabic and hopefullyhelp with vocabulary building, oracy, and future translations. In Islam, goodmanners(ādāb) are required and admired; and it's developed through study andpractice. It is hoped the translation, Ibn Aqil al-Hanbali's Essay on IslamicManners becomes a means to refine manners better.

Jewel Jalil did his opening Arabic and Islamic studies in England and Yemen. He read part of his BA in Islamic studies at Al-Jāmi'a Al-Wataniyya, Sana'a, and his MA at SOAS, University of London. Currently he is reading his PhD in Arab and Islamic studies at the University of Exeter. His other publications include: An Epitome of Hanbali Substantive Law (2018), and The Student's Guide (2020).


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