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The Eminence of the Hadith Adherents (Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi)

The Eminence of the Hadith Adherents (Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi)

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ISBN: 9781916475656
Author: Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi
Publisher: Dar al-Arqam (2020)
Pages: 323 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi (d. 463/1071)(1) Al-Khatib's biography from Siyar A'lam al-Nubala(2) Sharaf Ashab al-Hadith (The Eminence of the Hadith Adherents)(3) Naseehat Ahl al-Hadith (An Advice to the People of al-Hadith)

It is reported that the Messenger of Allah stated; “There will continue to be a group of my nation who prevail upon the truth; and they will not be harmed by those who forsake them.” Al-Imam A?mad ibn ?anbal said in regards to this statement; “If they are not the ?adith adherents then I do not know who they are!”

Al-?afiz Ibn ?ajar said; “Rare is the science from the sciences of al-?adith on which al-Kha?ib did not author an independent book upon. Indeed; it is as al-?afi? Abu Bakr ibn Nuq?ah said; ‘Every objective person knows that the ?adith masters after al-Kha?ib are dependent upon his books.'” Mulla ?Ali al-Qari expanded upon this; “This is akin to the statement of al-Shafi?i; ‘All are dependent upon Abi ?anifah in jurisprudence.'” [Shar? Shar? Nukhbati ‘l-Fikar (139-141)]

Al-Kha?ib said; “I will mention in this book of mine; by the will of Allah; that which was narrated from the Messenger of Allah which encourages reporting from him; and the virtue of transmitting what was heard from him; and also that which was narrated from the Companions and their followers; and from the scholars who succeeded them; pertaining to the honour of the ?adith adherents and their virtue; high status and nobility; their mentioned merits; and transmitted characteristics.”


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