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Organic Moringa Honey with Black Seed (16 oz.)

Organic Moringa Honey with Black Seed (16 oz.)

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Essential Palace

Product description:

Best for detoxification of the blood circulation system.

Moringa and black seed with honey has a long history as a diversity wonderful beneficial herb

The miracle of Moringa tree leaves; commonly 'The tree of life and miracle tree' is the native to India and Africa but has been planted around the world in his naturalized in many locations.

Moringa is one of the most powerful health enhancing plants.The combination of Moringa with black seed honey helps cure numerous elements and maintain and improve general health like :DiabetesDry coughSexual weaknessHeart attackFluGallstonesInflammation of the nose and throatKidney stonesAsthmaRespiratory problemsCommon coldEye diseaseNasal congestionBackacheHypertensionHeart ailmentsCancer.

This product also helps to achieve more powerful sexual activity.

Size Available: 16oz

Directions: Take One Tablespoon Daily

This information is for educational purposes only; and is not intended to prescribe or diagnose or make claims for medical advice; directly or in- directly. If you have need for medical assistance; please contact your local physician; or medical practitioner.

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