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Uncle Kasim's Book of Wisdom and Wise Sayings (Inmate Kasim Bader; compiler)

Uncle Kasim's Book of Wisdom and Wise Sayings (Inmate Kasim Bader; compiler)

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ISBN: 9781724029690
Author: Kasim Bader
Publisher: Independently Published (2019)
Pages: 68 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

There are days where we might search for some motivating words that are just right for that occasion. Uncle Kasim's Book of Wisdom and Wise Sayings is a collection of beautiful and wise words that were compiled over the past twelve years of Mr. Bader's incarceration. In the darkness of the desolate prison galleries these words were a beacon of light and hope for Mr. Bader and countless other men.This modest collection of wise quotes was sifted from hundreds of books and magazines floating around the prison.While there are many collections of notable quotes out there; not many are presented from an Islamic perspective. Uncle Kasim's Little Book of Wisdom and Wise Sayings is; and has many famous Muslim scholars wisest quotes; including the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).That being said; this book also contains famous sayings from people like the reverend Martin Luther King Jr.; Abraham Lincoln; Michael Jordan; Oprah Winfrey; George Bernard Shaw; Walter Payton; and many more wise men and woman. It also contains works from notable religious books including the Quran; and the Bible.Whether Muslim; Christian; Buddhist; Hebrew; or non-religious; we are sure this book will leave you just a little bit happier; and maybe even a little wiser.


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