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Hijra : Fallacy or Reality? (Hassan Abdur Rahman Al-Amreeky)

Hijra : Fallacy or Reality? (Hassan Abdur Rahman Al-Amreeky)

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Author: Hassan Abdur Rahman Al-Amreeky
Publisher: Heirs of The Sunnah Publishing
Pages: 133 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Ibn Al Araby said: “The Scholars of Islam have divided travelling through the land into two types: Fleeing and Seeking. The first type; Fleeing; is divided into six categories:1.Fleeing from the lands that are at war (with the Muslims) to the lands of Islam; and this form of Hijra continues until the Day of Judgment.2.Fleeing from the lands of innovation...3.Fleeing from a land in which impermissible things have become prevalent; because seeking that which is lawful is an obligation upon every Muslim.4.Fleeing from bodily harm...5.Fleeing from a land in which the environment is unhealthy; polluted; or harmful to an environment that is healthy and clean....6.Fleeing from financial harm for indeed the wealth of a Muslim is just as sacred as his blood.

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