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Proofs of Tawheed (Muhammad bin Sulayman At-Taymi)

Proofs of Tawheed (Muhammad bin Sulayman At-Taymi)

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ISBN: none
Author: Muhammad bin Sulayman At-Taymi
Publisher: Dar al-Tawheed; Message of Islam
Pages: 53 Binding: Paperback

From the author's summary - The advice and encouragement I leave for you is that you gain understanding of tawheed and that you research its books, for they will clarify for you the reality of tawheed for which Allah (swt) & has sent his messengers. And they will also clarify the reality of shirk Allah (swt) and his Messenger forbade and informed us that it will not be forgiven, that heaven is forbidden for the one who does it, and that his deeds will be made worthless. In the matter of all matters is in the knowledge of the reality of tawheed by which Allah sent his messengers. By it a person is a Muslim, and buy it he is distinguished from shirk and its people.


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