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Kitab al-i'tisam By Imam Shatibi English Translation Only

Kitab al-i'tisam By Imam Shatibi English Translation Only

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ISBN: 9782745173744
Author: By Abou Ishraq Ibrahim Ibn Musa Al-Shatibi (D. 790 H)
Publisher: Dar Al Kotob al Ilmiyah (DKI); Beirut; Lebanon
Pages: 640 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Translated By Mohammed Mahdi Al-SharifHardback 640 PagesTwo Volumes In One BookSize : 24 x 17 cmISBN : 9782745173744Publisher : Dar Al Kotob al Ilmiyah (DKI); Beirut; Lebanon

Good English Translation And Well Referenced

About The Book

Literally translated as Holding Fast (to the Sunnah); the two volumes (in One Book) go into detail on important topics such as bid'ah; as well as clarifying actions and spontaneous actions.

Al-i'tisam is one of the earliest if not the first book to be compiled about Bid'a. Imam al-Shatibi's strict analysis and complete adherence to the verification of all sciences makes him one of the unique individuals capable of determining what is Bid'a in the Islamic science.

Although there is similar work written by Imam Ibn Abi Shama; the teacher of Imam Nawawi- nonetheless this book by al-Shatibi stands out as the most referenced book in this regard. The Imam adheres to his Maliki school of Law; which is famous for being strict in what is Bid'a and what is Mashru' or legislative source.

This work of 10 chapters is the ultimate encyclopaedia on the topic of defining religious innovations (Bid'a).

About The Author

Imam Abu Ishaq Ibrahim bin Musa bin Muhammad al-Shatibi al-Gharnati was an Andalusian Sunni Islamic legal scholar. He grew up in Granada Muslim Spain and died in the year 790 Hijri; he was one of the foundational scholars of Usul al-fiqh or methodology of law whose books; like al-Ghazali's; are required reading in that field; he laid great emphasis on the requirement of complete knowledge and erudition in the Arabic language; not merely correct understanding; for those who practice ijtihad.

He belonged to the Maliki legal tradition (Madhab) and was one of its Imams; although of course he shunned blind partisanship or sectarianism based on legal schools; as did all the great Imams of the legal schools (madhahib).

He learned from very prominent scholars of his time. He became a master in Arabic language and Ijtihad and research at a very early age. He used to discuss various topics with his teachers before arriving to any conclusion.

Among is most famous Written works are:

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