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Islam in the School of Madina

Islam in the School of Madina

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ISBN: 9781908892041
Author: Ahmad Al-Qalawi Ash-Shinqiti (Author); Asadullah Yate (Translator)
Publisher: Diwan Press
Pages: 1008 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Mufid al-'Ibad; of which this book is a translation; is a summation of all the previous commentaries on the work of Ibn 'Ashir on Ash'ari 'aqida; Maliki fiqh and Junaydi tasawwuf and is augmented not infrequently by the author's own subtle understanding of the finer aspects of the 'amal of the people of Madina. Shaykh Ahmad bin al-Bashir al-Qalawi ash-Shinqiti (1216 AH/1802 CE- 1276 AH/1853 CE); whose lineage can be traced to Abu Bakr as-Siddiq; came from a family and tribe in present day Mauritania renowned for its knowledge and active implementation of the deen. Although he himself refrained from any sufic commentary on Ibn Ashir's work; he was recognised as a wali by the men of this science around him. Dr Yate (Cantab.) has translated works from Arabic; Persian; German and French; and; in collaboration with others; from Turkish. He teaches Arabic and Fiqh at the Weimar Institute; is a Founding fellow of The Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies; and is active on the shariat board of the World Islamic Mint.


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