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Foundations for the New Muslim and Newly Striving Muslim [Directed Study Edition]: A Short Journey Through Selected Questions and Answers with Sheikh ... Ibn 'Abdullah Ibn Baaz

Foundations for the New Muslim and Newly Striving Muslim [Directed Study Edition]: A Short Journey Through Selected Questions and Answers with Sheikh ... Ibn 'Abdullah Ibn Baaz

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ISBN: 9781938117633
Author: Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi al-Amreeki
Publisher: Taalib al-Ilm Educational Resources
Pages: 344 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Interactive course bookFocused upon essential beliefs & challenges4th book in 30 Day SeriesAll age levels

This course book is intended for both the person who has newly embraced Islaam or that Muslim or Muslimah whom Allaah has blessed to now have the resolve within themselves to truly turn towards their Most Merciful Lord and commit themselves to becoming a better worshipper upon knowledge.

It is for that individual who; regardless of the direction they came from; wishes to change both the inward and outward aspects of their lives to now move in a direction truly pleasing to Allaah.

Table of ContentsCompiler's Introduction

Day 1: How do we know that our Islaam is correct?

Day 2: What does it mean that Islaam will be strange?

Day 3: Is faith only what is in our hearts?

Day 4: Who is truly considered a Muslim?

Day 5: When is it necessary for me to ask a scholar?

Day 6: How do we understand both our free choices and Allaah's decree?

Day 7: What does it mean to worship someone else along with Allaah?

Day 8: Which religious innovations in Islaam are good?

Day 9: How can we know who are from those who are saved and upon the truth?

Day 10: Who is part of that group of always successful Muslims?

Day 11: Why are there divisions among the Muslims?

Day 12: What should my position be towards the schools of fiqh?

Day 13: What does it mean the saying that the world is cursed?

Day 14: Which of the many Sufee paths is based upon the Sunnah?

Day 15: Can I study from books of knowledge without a scholar?

Day 16: Should we praise the righteous scholars?

Day 17: What is the guidance of Islaam about our health?

Day 18: What should I do after falling into sin again and again?

Day 19: Do I have to make up for my previous negligence?

Day 20: What is considered impermissible imitation of non-Muslims?

Day 21: How should I interact with the non-Muslims I know?

Day 22: As a Muslim man can I have friends who are women?

Day 23: What is the ruling about alcohol and about recreational drugs?

Day 24: Are there kinds of music that are permissible in Islaam?

Day 25: What kinds of media and shows can I watch as a Muslim?

Day 26: Should we recite the Qur'aan even without understanding?

Day 27: Is it from the Sharee'ah to make dhikr while working?

Day 28: What are the rights of both Muslim wives and husbands?

Day 29: What is the correct understanding of trusting in Allaah?

Day 30: As a new Muslim do I need to change my name?

Course Appendices

Course Appendix 1:Guiding Advice About Proceeding In Life From An Senior ScholarCourse Appendix 2:Six Important Advices For A Successful Life As A MuslimCourse Appendix 3:How Do We Determine What Is The Truth Of A Matter?Course Appendix 4:There Are Two Categories Of True KnowledgeCourse Appendix 5:Do Not Connect The Truth Of Islaam To IndividualsCourse Appendix 6:Principles & Characteristics Of The Way Of The First GenerationsCourse Appendix 7:Eighty-Nine Brief Benefits Related To The Methodology Of IslaamCourse Appendix 8:Steps to Correctly Address Someone's Error in the ReligionCourse Appendix 9:Learn Beneficial Knowledge From Its People & Convey It


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