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Supporting the Truth : Ibn al Qayyim's Sincere Advice to Ahlus-Sunnah About the Obligation

Supporting the Truth : Ibn al Qayyim's Sincere Advice to Ahlus-Sunnah About the Obligation

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ISBN: 9781729252000
Author: With notes by assorted scholars
Publisher: Thaqafa Press (2018)
Pages: 236 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This work is a translation of an indispensable advice concerning 'The Obligation of Supporting the Truth' found in the introductory section of the Nuniyyah Poem of Ibn al Qayyim. It includes the synopsis and annotations of the most prolific scholars that explained this poem at length. These particular lines of poetry are found in lines 188-260 of the Qa?idah al-Nuniyah. In his commentary of select passages from the Nuniyyah; the great scholar ‘Abd al-Ra?man bin Na?ir al-Sa'di characterizes this preliminary advice as follows:'At this point; he [i.e.; Ibn al Qayyim] engages in a beneficial introduction and comprehensive advice that every student of knowledge is in need of; regardless of whether his pursuit is for knowledge of the Usul or knowledge of the Furu'. Furthermore; it should be given precedence over (learning) the etiquette of the scholar and the student. That is because it entails pieces of advice that every person desiring felicity in both worlds is in need of.'Similarly; al-Shaykh Mu?ammad bin ?ali? al ‘Uthaymin says about the important advice that is found in this book:'In reality; these are guidelines and if you were to record and take note of these pieces of advice as you come across them; and then transferred them to a special notebook; it would prove to be of a great benefit and reference source for you. That is because they are guidelines that you won't find except in this book.'Likewise; the renowned Egyptian scholar; Mu?ammad Khalil Harras remarked on the preciousness of Ibn al Qayyim's advice. He said:After the author finishes mentioning Jahm's corrupt doctrines and what he had drowned in of misguidance — on account of 'having an aversion to the texts and relegating them to misinterpretation — he then proceeds with these invaluable pieces of advice for whoever is adamant on achieving salvation from Allah's torment — with which He threatened every stray renegade.'


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