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Lessons in Islamic History (Shaykh Muhammad Al-Khudari Bak Al-Bajuri)

Lessons in Islamic History (Shaykh Muhammad Al-Khudari Bak Al-Bajuri)

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ISBN: 9781906949099
Author: Shaykh Muhammad Al-Khudari Bak Al-Bajuri
Publisher: Turath Publishing (2016)
Pages: 250 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Lessons in Islamic History is an essential summary of Shaykh Muhammad Khudari Bak's series of groundbreaking works on Islamic history; in which this pioneering Egyptian historian and scholar of Shari'ah and Arabic literature distils the essence of his three outstanding works on the Prophetic Biography; the Rightly-Guided Caliphs and the Umayyad and 'Abbasid Dynasties. In his distinctively eloquent yet uncomplicated style; he traces the changing political and social circumstances of the Islamic peoples from their origins in the pre-Islamic Arabic Peninsula until his own time in the Ottoman Khedivate of Egypt. An instinctive educator who explained that he wrote not merely to record history; but so that history might benefit; the author outlines the vicissitudes of Islamic history with refreshing objectivity and restraint; highlighting the lessons to be learnt from past events. In an era when competing historical narratives vie for supremacy; this text provides a clear and concise account of Muslim leadership throughout history and its consequences for the Ummah. As such; it is an indispensable read for young and old alike.


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