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Reasons for Deviation from the Truth (Shaikh Rabi bin Hadi Al Madkhali)

Reasons for Deviation from the Truth (Shaikh Rabi bin Hadi Al Madkhali)

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Author: Shaikh Rabi bin Hadi Al Madkhali
Publisher: Salafi Publications
Pages: 68 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Shaikh Rabee ibn Hadi | Salafi Publications“From the most important things that I advise myself with and my brothers is to be firm upon the truth; to have sincerity in this to Allah; the Most High; and to feel accountable to Allah in this. These are the points that I will be covering and will speak about (even if it be with some swiftness).

O brothers; be firm; be firm at this time and in this age where trials and tribulations have increased so much; and in turn; turning people away from accepting the true lslam.

People faced situations and circumstances; living lives upon superstition and misguidance. It may be that many of them lived far away from the religion of Allah. Either they lived as Shi'ites; communists; secularists; or amongst socialist parties and so on. From these destructive foundations and slogans; many calls were established; yet all of them evaporated at implementation stage. Their value disintegrated in the minds of the people; such that many began to realise that true value and happiness in this life and the hereafter is only achieved by following the true lslam.


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