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Seeking the Hereafter : Through Questions and Answers Surrounding Usool Ath-Thalaatha (Sh. Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab)

Seeking the Hereafter : Through Questions and Answers Surrounding Usool Ath-Thalaatha (Sh. Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab)

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ISBN: 9781718850965
Author: Sh. Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab
Publisher: Heirs of The Sunnah Publishing
Pages: 356 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Are You Ready to Answer the 3 Questions of the Grave? Do you feel prepared to answer with confidence: ‘Allah'; ‘Islam'; ‘Muhammad'‘? What if you had a way to feel more sure you will have the right answers when that time comes? In Seeking the Hereafter you'll discover a powerful set of questions and answers that will help you do exactly that. Hassan Abdur-Rahmaan al-Amreeky has been sitting with scholars and working in Muslim communities world-wide for over 15 years. He has seen that while all Muslims profess to worship Allah; practice Islam; and follow Prophet Muhammad; there are some of us that need to study how those three answers must permeate our lives. Rather than merely translate Imam Ibn Abdul-Wahhab's book ‘Usool ath-Thalaatha'; Shaykh Hassan has transformed the work into a self-study book; forming each important issue raised as questions and answers; complete with space for note-taking; and a self-test area at the back of the book. His process was as thorough as the book is easy to read and understand: He reviewed eight different explanations of the text (Thalaathatul Usool) and quoted from them the easiest explanations to make it easy for the reader to understand. He placed this research in the form of questions and answers to make perfecting the explanation easy for the one who memorized the text and also for the one who did not.

He included some essential points from other books of Aqeedah; Fiqh; and Seerah to enhance the benefit. He abridged and expounded where necessary to clarify the meaning (meaning that at times the understanding of the issue is from one of our Scholars yet the wording of it is his own). He placed a table of contents to mention from where he extracted the answer to each question. When you're done reading; you'll have the foundation on these questions that we all must answer; plus beneficial knowledge that surrounds them. “This is a beautiful book and full of so much benefit. So detailed and easy to understand. If you want to learn and even teach your children from usool-thalatha then this would be the best book.” Yahya Abdul E-Rahmaan Shaykh Hassan also offers a free ijaazah in the book for interested students.


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