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130 Hadeeth on Manners from Buloogh al-Maraam Workbook (Moosaa Richardson)

130 Hadeeth on Manners from Buloogh al-Maraam Workbook (Moosaa Richardson)

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ISBN: 9781718156203
Author: Moosaa Richardson (Author)
Publisher: Bakkah Publications
Pages: 196 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This workbook is not for individual self-study; rather it is the workbook used to follow along with the new class at al-Masjid al-Awwal (live in Pittsburgh or online from anywhere); beginning in the first week of 1440; in shaa' Allah. Classes are taught live from this workbook; broadcast worldwide. No registration is required. Simply get the workbook and follow along from wherever you are. Also; the recorded lessons are available on al-Masjid al-Awwal's Spreaker Channel. This workbook contains all 131 narrations of Kitaab al-Jaami' from Buloogh al-Maraam; along with an English translation of each one. It has been designed to provide structured guidance for note-taking. With each hadeeth; as a routine; we learn about the Companion(s) who narrated it and the imam(s) who collected it. Important points; based primarily on the explanation of Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan; follow in numbered lists; with adequate space for notes. It is hoped that students who may normally struggle with note-taking may learn how to identify the most important points of a class and improve this essential skill. In this study of 131 hadeeth narrations; we will learn and/or be reminded about –in shaa' Allah- the importance of refining one's character; some good manners to work on; some bad manners to avoid; and some important personal supplications to be used throughout our day and night. In Section One; we study 16 narrations about essential everyday manners in basic interactions. Then; 14 narrations zoom in on some of the most important manners connected to kindness and keeping ties in Section Two. In Section Three; 11 narrations inspire us to be more pious; more focused on the Hereafter; and less materialistic; in shaa' Allah. Section Four includes 40 narrations warning us from various manifestations of bad character; while Section Five includes 19 more narrations about more ways to apply good character. Finally; in the last section; we study 31 narrations about remembrance and supplication. While memorizing all of these narrations is indeed quite helpful; the last section; most specifically; should be given special attention. CONTENTS: SECTION ONE: MANNERS HADEETH 1: SIX BASIC RIGHTS OF ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD HADEETH 2: HOW TO APPRECIATE ALLAH'S FAVORS HADEETH 3: PIETY AND SIN GENERALIZED HADEETH 4: THE PROHIBITION OF EXCLUDING A THIRD PERSON HADEETH 5: THE PROHIBITION OF TAKING PEOPLE'S SEATS HADEETH 6: LICKING THE FINGERS AFTER EATING HADEETH 7: WHO SHOULD INITIATE THE GREETING? HADEETH 8: ONE PERSON MAY GREET ON BEHALF OF THE GROUP HADEETH 9: INTERACTING WITH NON-MUSLIMS HADEETH 10: MANNERS RELATED TO SNEEZING HADEETH 11: THE DISCOURAGEMENT OF DRINKING WHILE STANDING HADEETH 12: EATING AND DRINKING WITH THE RIGHT HAND HADEETH 13 & 14: MANNERS OF WEARING SHOES HADEETH 15: THE PROHIBITION OF DRAGGING GARMENTS HADEETH 16: ENJOYING ALLAH'S BLESSINGS WITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE SECTION TWO: KINDNESS AND KEEPING TIES HADEETH 17: MAINTAINING GOOD FAMILY TIES HADEETH 18: THE SEVERITY OF BREAKING FAMILY TIES HADEETH 19: SIX DESTRUCTIVE MAJOR SINS HADEETH 20: THE IMPORTANCE OF PLEASING ONE'S PARENTS HADEETH 21: A BELIEVER'S CONCERN FOR HIS NEIGHBORS HADEETH 22: THE GREATEST OF ALL MAJOR SINS HADEETH 23: THE CRIME OF PROVOKING OTHERS INTO SINFUL BEHAVIOR HADEETH 24: NOT BOYCOTTING MUSLIMS FOR MORE THAN THREE DAYS HADEETH 25: EVERY GOOD DEED IS A CHARITY HADEETH 26 & 27: SIMPLE DEEDS THAT COUNT AS ACTS OF CHARITY HADEETH 28: AIDING YOUR BROTHERS AND ALLEVIATING THEIR BURDENS HADEETH 29: DIRECTING OTHERS TO GOOD DEEDS HADEETH 30: GRACIOUS INTERACTIONS IN THREE SITUATIONS SECTION THREE: ASCETICISM AND VIGILANCE HADEETH 31: THE HALAAL AND HARAAM ARE CLEAR HADEETH 32: RUINED ARE THE WORSHIPPERS OF MATERIAL THINGS HADEETH 33: BE IN THIS LIFE LIKE A STRANGER HADEETH 34: THE PROHIBITION OF IMITATING NON-MUSLIMS HADEETH 35: OBSERVING THE LIMITS SET BY ALLAH HADEETH 36: WORLDLY AMBITION VS. EARNING ALLAH'S LOVE... and more.


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