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The Cure, The Explanation, The Clear Affair and The Brilliant Distinct Signpost (Exercise Workbook) Abu Sukhailah Khalil

The Cure, The Explanation, The Clear Affair and The Brilliant Distinct Signpost (Exercise Workbook) Abu Sukhailah Khalil

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ISBN: 9781938117671
Author: Abu Sukhailah Khalil
Publisher: Talibul Ilm E.R.
Pages: 113 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This is a companion exercise workbook for use with the self-study or directed-study editions of the course book. The course book is intended for any Muslim who wishes to ??connect himself to their beloved Prophet. inwardly and outwardly; in order to ?walk in his footsteps upon knowledge as a worshiper of Allaah and is divided into 15 lessons; with quizzes; and final exam? ?This work is based upon commentaries of the work ‘Usul as-Sunnah' of; Imaam Ahmad ?may ?Allaah have ?mercy upon him.? ?Download the free PDF preview of course book today: ?? The course book is designed to help you; as a Muslim; identify the correct ?sources; principles; and beliefs of the evidenced ?methodology of Islaam upon scholarship and proofs; in order to be able to distinguished what opposes them.? ?? It has been narrated in the two ‘Saheeh' collections of al-Bukhaaree and Muslim that the Prophet; may ?Allaah's praise ?and His salutations be upon him; said; ? ?? ? {The one whom Allaah intends good for He gives him understanding of his religion.}. ? ??? As Muslims; each of us wants to have a good understanding so that we can ?properly practice Islaam; as best as we are ?able.? However; one challenge is the presence of different voices; claims; and calls; ?all with different ideas; practices; ?and opposing priorities; yet all saying ??[This is Islaam!] One of the scholars of ?the early centuries; who stood firm upon the guidance of the Sunnah ?was Imam as-?Sizjee. He advised us that;? ? ??? ?'It is upon every Muslim who wants to be saved from misguidance; that they ?do not turn and rely upon each and ?every individual; nor depend and trust every ?book available; and that they do not give controlling influence over his ?affairs ?except for the one who clearly stands upon guidance....'* ? ?? Speaking about how we can learn to test the correctness of the person who makes claims that something is truly part ?of this religion; he; may Allaah have mercy upon ?him said;? ?? ?'The one who seek safety and deliverance from the harm of these people; and to ?be protected from following ?deceptive desires as a Muslim; then his scale and ?measure must be the Book of Allaah; and the transmitted reports of ?the Sunnah; ?applied to every single matter he hears about or sees. If he has knowledge of ?these two sources they he ?must weigh matters against the guidance of both of ?them; and how it was followed by the first three generations.? He should not accept from anyone; any statement; without first requesting from ?that person the support which clearly establishes its soundness and correctness ?in Islaam; in the form of a clear verse ?of the Qur'aan; or a narration of a verified ?matter from the Sunnah; or to the statement of one of the Companions ?authentically ?transmitted.' ?? ? ?*(A Treatise Written by as-Sizjee to the People of Zubayd...' Chapter Eleven; pgs. 231 & 234? ?? ? ?– ?As verified by Muhammad Baa Kareem Baa 'Abdullah for his Master's degree thesis at the Islamic ?University of ?Medinah under the supervision of Sheikh 'Alee Ibn Muhammad Ibn Naaser al-?Faqeehee)?


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