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Tafseer As-Sa'di (10 Volume Complete Set) English and Arabic by Shaykh Abdur Rahman As-Sa'di (ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA UPS GROUND SHIPPING!) (aka Tafsir As Saadi / Sadee)

Tafseer As-Sa'di (10 Volume Complete Set) English and Arabic by Shaykh Abdur Rahman As-Sa'di (ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA UPS GROUND SHIPPING!) (aka Tafsir As Saadi / Sadee)

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Author: Shaykh Abdur Rahman As-Sa'di
Publisher: I.I.P.H
Pages: 6600 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Tafseer As-Sa'di (Vols. 1-10) English-Arabic

Now available, translated from the original Arabic, the complete Qur'an, with original Arabic Qur'anic text, and translation and commentary (tafseer) in English.

Tafseer as-Sa‘di (Arabic title Tayseer al-Kareem ar-Rahmaan fi Tafseer Kalaam al-Mannaan) is a contemporary commentary on the Qur’an that is well known in the Arab world. Drawing on the classical heritage of Qur’anic exegesis, Shaykh as-Sa‘di focuses on highlighting the meanings of verses in a concise yet eloquent and clear style that is accessible to both the well-versed scholar and the ordinary reader. His style is to mention what he thinks is the correct interpretation, without referring to other views, except in cases where there is also strong evidence to support the other view. Both the scholar and the one just starting out their journey of tafseer are sure to benefit from this tremendous work, insha Allah!

About the Author and Translator --

As-Sa'di was born in 1889 in the town of 'Unayzah in the province of Qassim, in the Najd area of Arabia. He started his studies by memorizing the Qur'an, which he finished around the age of twelve. He then engaged himself in seeking different branches of knowledge from the scholars of his city, and those who came to it as visitors. He was very diligent and hardworking in seeking knowledge, and by the age of twenty-three he was already teaching at the same time as he was studying. Amongst his later students were Shaykh al-Uthaymeen.

The Shaykh was very knowledgeable in the fields of fiqh and its principles, and tawhid and its branches. He was widely read in the various works of Shaykh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Al-Qayyim. He was also well versed in the field of commentary of the Qur'an, and he wrote a tafsir of the Qur'an in eight volumes, which he later summarized in a single volume. Among his other works are several books on fiqh, commentaries on ahadith, small treatises on fundamental rules regarding different fields of knowledge, a compendium of his legal opinions (fatawa), and a collection of his sermons in three volumes.

He was well regarded for his noble manners; very humble to both the elderly and the young. He was indifferent to this world and its glory, not caring for rank, power or glory. He passed away in 1956.

SKU: 13682
First Edition
ISBN: 9786035013598
Author: Shaykh Abdur Rahman As-Sa'di
Translator: Nasiruddin al-Khattab; Huda Khattab (editor)
Binding: Hardcover set in Display Box
Extent: 6600 pp
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House IIPH (2018/2019)

Alternate spellings - Tafsir Sa'di


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