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Muslim Baby Book (for Girls) Goodword

Muslim Baby Book (for Girls) Goodword

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ISBN: 9789351791980
Publisher: Goodword Books (2018)
Binding: Padded Hardcover 7.2" x 9.25" x 0.25"
Description from the publisher:

The Muslim Baby Book is a beautifully illustrated book which allows you to record your baby's cherished memories up to age five. The book covers topics such as: first message from birth; my family and birth; the adhan and the iqamah; my first words and my first drawing to name a few. Each delightfully designed page includes verses from the Quran and Hadith.

It also gives you ample space to jot down your thoughts; paste photographs and staple souvenirs. Muslim Baby record book is a perfect keepsake to capture the magic of childhood which the whole family will cherish and revisit again and again!


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