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Dictionary of Islamic Words & Expressions (Mahmoud Ismail Saleh)

Dictionary of Islamic Words & Expressions (Mahmoud Ismail Saleh)

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ISBN: 9786035001175
Author: Mahmoud Ismail Saleh
Publisher: Darussalam Publishing & Distribution (2011 / 1432 AH 3rd Edition)
Pages: 365 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Unique dictionary of Islamic words and expressions used in Quran & Sunnah and other Islamic works. Each word is written in Arabic with its transliteration followed by short concise meaning and finally by a description of how; where & when it is used. It also includes references to where it may be found.

Since the majority of the followers of Islam are not native speakers of Arabic; and many of them may not have the chance to learn it properly; translation has been resorted to; however incomplete it may be. But even good translators always find it difficult to translate the special terms from Arabic.

A cursory look at the translation of various Islamic works would reveal the discrepancies between the Arabic text and its translation; on one hand; and the different renderings of the same Arabic terms by different translators or even by the same translator at different times.


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