Established 1997
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Islamic Art of Illumination: Classical Tazhib From Ottoman to Contemporary Times

Islamic Art of Illumination: Classical Tazhib From Ottoman to Contemporary Times

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ISBN: 9781935295822
Author: Sema Onat (Author)
Publisher: Blue Dome Press
Pages: 176 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Islamic Art of Illumination presents an amazing mixture of classical Turkish illumination patterns and their contemporary interpretations. It illustrates how illumination; also known as the art of tezhip; was applied to various articles during the Ottoman period; including pictures; royal edicts and insignia; tiles; chests; gun holsters; shields; and even costumes prepared for the Sultan and his family. It also shows how today illumination has extensively been applied on architectural surfaces; book covers; manuscripts; carpets; textiles; ceramics; glass and wood panels; and metal works.The author; a prominent illumination artist; displays her incredible pieces of art; skillfully swirling her imagination together with classical Turkish Islamic patterns of illumination. In richly illuminated designs using motifs such as buds and roses; as well as stylized and naturalistic flowers; she exhibits all of the geometrical; foliate; and floral patterns used in the art. She also takes a closer look at making illumination designs and using various application techniques; and she shows all of the steps used to make illumination.This book is for all those seeking to explore the rich history and profundity of the Islamic art of illumination; and its use from Ottoman to contemporary times.


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