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Allah Made Everything: The Song Book (Zain Bhikha - Hardback)

Allah Made Everything: The Song Book (Zain Bhikha - Hardback)

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ISBN: 9780860377702
Author: Zain Bhikha
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation
Binding: Hardcover Description from the publisher:

Zain Bhika

“May this delightful book bring as much joy to your home as the song; ‘Allah Made Everything'; and may you enjoy many precious hours discussing the world through the eyes of your child as you share the knowledge that we are all Allah's beautiful creation.” Zain Bhikha (2018)

Allah Made Everything; the song book; is based on the lyrics of the well loved children's song by renowned singer and songwriter Zain Bhikha. The song was first released in 2015; and together with the hit video; has become one of the most popular children's songs across the world.

This is the first in a series of books; games and other media under the Zeebee Kids label. Zeebee Kids is a division of Zain Bhikha Studios. For more information; visit

Books published in partnership with The Islamic Foundation; an imprint of Kube Publishing.

** NO CD is included with this book **


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