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A Definitive Reply to Evolutionist Propaganda (Harun Yahya)

A Definitive Reply to Evolutionist Propaganda (Harun Yahya)

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ISBN: 9789756426241
Author: HARUN YAHYA (Author)
Publisher: Global Publishing
Pages: 288 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Between early 2001 and the present day there have been a number of very interesting and important developments in the world of science. The advances made in such different scientific fields as palaeontology; molecular biology; anatomy and genetics have once again revealed the terrible scientific dilemma the theory of evolution finds itself in. The theory of evolution was proposed in its present form in the mid-19th century by Charles Darwin and at that time provided enormous support for materialism. Such was that support that the present collapse of the theory is also resulting in the collapse of materialism itself. Materialism is a most dangerous philosophy; which denies the existence of God; religion and the spiritual life and which regards matter as the only absolute and supports a selfish world view. The selfish; self-interested; combative and ruthless moral view which is still widespread in the world is the product of a materialist-Darwinist viewpoint.


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