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Sleeping Beauty: An Islamic Tale (Islamic Fairy Tales)

Sleeping Beauty: An Islamic Tale (Islamic Fairy Tales)

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ISBN: 9780860375975
Author: Fawzia Gilani (Author); Jacqui Davis (Illustrator)
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation
Pages: 40 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Praise for other publications in the Islamic Fairy Tales series:

'Simple; colorful illustrations enhance this lovely recreation of a cherished fairy tale. . . . Cinderella: An Islamic Tale is highly recommended especially for children's public library multicultural picture book collections.'—The Midwest Book Review

'In this version; the heroine is pious as well as pretty. . . . The full-color watercolors; with some Anatolian details in clothing and household goods; are attractive.'—Kirkus Reviews; on Snow White: An Islamic Tale

After the wicked Count Lahab promises to crush the young princess Mariam at her aqiqah; she is hidden within the king's castle.

Many peaceful years pass; but; upon news of Mariam's wedding; they come to a piercing end. Count Lahab finds a way to deceive the castle and present her with a beautiful hijab pin; covered in poison; that leaves her in a deep; unbreakable sleep.

After potions and prayers have no effect her husband; Haris; is told to go on a perilous journey to Makkah to pray for her recovery and bring back zam zam water for her to drink. But; faced by Count Lahab and his outlaws; what does his destiny hold?

Fawzia Gilani has worked as a teacher; librarian; and school principal in the United Kingdom; United States; and Canada since 1993. She is the author of thirty children's books; mostly on the topic of Eid. She also works as an educational consultant and is currently based in Qatar.


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