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Zak and His Little Lies by J. Samia Mair (Author); Omar Burgess (Illustrator)

Zak and His Little Lies by J. Samia Mair (Author); Omar Burgess (Illustrator)

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ISBN: 9780860376279
Author: by J. Samia Mair (Author); Omar Burgess (Illustrator)
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation
Pages: 32 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Zak is on his final warning. If he tells one more lie; however little; he won't be going to the skate park with Baba and Hana.

With one job left to do; what could go wrong? A lot; it turns out; including an encounter with two bothersome boys; being chased by a mighty animal called Moose; and an adventurous lizard called Dwayne.

J. Samia Mair has published four children's books; three of which are picture books: Zak and His Good Intentions; Amira's Totally Chocolate World; and The Perfect Gift; all of which have been favorably received. She has also published one chapter book; The Great Race to Sycamore Street.


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