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Bidaya Textbook (English and Arabic Edition)

Bidaya Textbook (English and Arabic Edition)

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ISBN: 9780996679701
Author: Ahmad Alsheikhy (Author)
Publisher: Bidaya Book; First edition
Pages: 78 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

1- Address the problem of memorizing the Quran by hearing it only; and teach the correct way of reading; which is the basis for strong memorization and proficiency. 2- Spread the idea of learning to read the Quran in an innovative way; accessible to all ages and languages. 3- Teach the skill of writing and drawing Quranic script. 4- Protect the tongue from errors in pronouncing the letters and words of the book of Allah (SWT.) 5- Establish a system that gradually teaches students correct pronunciation and Tajweed from the beginning of their Arabic learning journey. 6- Address the problem of pronouncing the Quran using non-Arabic letters by non-Arabic speakers. 7- Teach reading the Quran correctly in a fast and elaborate way.


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