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Minhajul Abidin : The Best Way For The Worshippers

Minhajul Abidin : The Best Way For The Worshippers

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ISBN: 9789670729152
Author: by Imam Al-Ghazali (Author);? Iqbal Hussain Ansari (Translator)
Publisher: Dar Al-Wahi
Pages: 414 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This Book covers the complete seven Hurdles: The Hurdle of Knowledge; The Hurdle of Repentance; The Hurdle of Impediments; The Hurdle of Hindrances; The Hurdle of Incentives; The Hurdle of Impairments; and The Hurdle of Gratitude. Widely considered to to be Abu Hamid al-Ghazali's last book; the Minhaj al-Abidin; is the summary of his philosophy which charts the pitfalls and obstacles to be overcome in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Dictating his words to a group of elect students; Ghazali acknowledges his own nearness to death and instructs seekers of eternal life to resist hindrances such as fear and impairments such as conceit in order to find salvation in the essentials of God. This books is considered by many as a summary of Al Ghazali's Ihya Ulum ud Deen (The Revival of the Religions Sciences ) which is widely regarded as one of the great works for the Self-Development of Muslims and has for centuries been a widely read and respected work in the Muslim world. Imam Al Ghazali dictated this book to a very few and selected students in his very last days. Imam Ghazali says in the introduction: 'We therefore looked into the subject of worshipful service; and made a careful study of its path; from its beginnings to its destinations; which are the desired goals of its travellers. It is indeed a rugged path and a hard road; fraught with many obstacles; serious hardships; remote distances; enormous difficulties; frequent hindrances and impediments. It is beset with deadly perils and interruptions; abounding in enemies and highway robbers; and offering very few companions and followers. This is exactly how it needs to be; since it is the path of the Garden of Paradise; and this represents a confirmation of the saying of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace): This book is considered by Many as a Summary of the Magnus Opus Ihya Ulum Ud Deen of the Imam and the Last Book from the sea of Imam Ghazali's Works.


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