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The Biography of the Eminent Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal (Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi)

The Biography of the Eminent Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal (Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi)

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Author: Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi; Raha Batts (translator)
Publisher: Authentic Statements
Pages: 60 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Ibn Kathir said: “Al-Bayhaqi narrated from ar-Rabi' saying: ‘Ash-Shafi'i sent me with a letter from Egypt to Ah?mad bin H?anbal. I came to him while he was returning from the Fajr prayer; so I presented the letter to him; he said; “Have you read it?” I said; “No.” So he took it and read it; and his eyes welled up with tears. I said; “Abu ‘Abdillah; what does it contain?” He said; “It mentions that he saw the Messenger of Allah ? in a dream and he said; ‘Write to Ah?mad bin H?anbal and convey to him; from me; thesalam; and say to him: Indeed; you will be tried and called to a statement that the Qur'an is created; but do not respond to them. Allah will elevate you as a sign until the Day of Judgment.'”'”

The Imam of Imams; Ibn Khuzaymah; said: “I heard Muh?ammad bin Sah?nun saying: ‘I heard Abu ‘Umayr bin an-Nih?h?as ar-Ramli mention Ah?mad bin H?anbal; saying: “May Allah have mercy upon him on behalf of the dunya; how patient is he and how resemblant is he to those who have passed away and the righteous people; and how near is he to them! The dunya was presented to him; but he refused it. Innovation was presented to him and he refuted it.”'”


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