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Great Muslims of the West: Makers of Western Islam (Muhammad Mojlum Khan)

Great Muslims of the West: Makers of Western Islam (Muhammad Mojlum Khan)

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ISBN: 9781847741127
Author: Muhammad Mojlum Khan (Author)
Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd
Pages: 500 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

“[A] work of great synthesis. . . . [It] argues that the ‘makers of Western Islam' have not only enriched Islam; but also humanity in general. This book is an important and timely contribution.”?Dr. Enes Karic; Professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies; University of Sarajevo; and former Minister of Education; Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

“[An] unusually informative; inspiring and timely contribution. Essential reading for Muslims and non-Muslims; Easterners and Westerners alike.”?Dr. Syed Mahmudul Hasan; F.R.A.S. historian; author; and formerly Professor of Islamic History and Culture at the University of Dhaka; Bangladesh

Muslims have lived in the “West” for hundreds of years; yet the lives of all but a few are little known. In this illuminating work; Muhammad Mojlum Khan sets out to change this by revealing the lives and impact of over fifty significant Muslims; from the founder of Muslim Spain in the eighth century to Muhammad Ali today. This extraordinary book features biographies on the enslaved African Prince Ayuba Sulaiman Diallo; who was put to work in the tobacco fields of Maryland; Alexander Russell Webb; the voice of Muslims in Victorian America; and W.D. Muhammad; Elijah Muhammad's son; who converted the Nation of Islam's followers to an authentic version of Islam.

Muhammad Mojlum Khan was born in 1973 in Habigong; Bangladesh; and was brought up and educated in England. He is a literary critic; prolific writer; and a researcher in Islamic thought and history. He has published over 100 essays and articles on Islam; comparative religion; contemporary thought; and current affairs; and has been a regular contributor to The Muslim News. He has published two major works: The Muslim 100 and The Muslim Heritage of Bengal.


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