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Biography of Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Sahib - Amire Tabligh

Biography of Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Sahib - Amire Tabligh

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Author: Moulana Mufti Muhammad Azizur-Rahman Bijnori
Publisher: Idara Impex
Pages: 400 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

About Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Khandhlawii (1917-1965)

Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlawi (Arabic: ?????? ???? ???? ???????? ?) was born on 25 Jumada al-Awwal 1335 H (20 March 1917) in Kandhla; India. He was born to a notable family of scholars and was exposed to an environment of piety at a young age. His memorized the Quran at the age of ten and continued to study Hadith and the Islamic Sciences. He had a deep connection with the scholars of the time; and was recognized as one of the great scholars of the time.

After his father; Maulana Muhammad Ilyas ???? ???? ???? died; he became the Ameer of Tablighi Jamaat. He spent a lot of time and effort in Tabligh as well as scholarly writings. His two most famous books are the four volume Amani Al-Ahbar Fi Sharh Ma'ani Al-Athar; which is an annotation of a major work by Imam Ahmad Al-Tahawi; and Hayatus Sahabah. Maulana Yusuf ???? ???? ???? died at the age of 48 in Lahore.


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