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Arabic Between Your Hands: Volume 1; Part 3 (Units 9-12; Elementary Level)

Arabic Between Your Hands: Volume 1; Part 3 (Units 9-12; Elementary Level)

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Author: Team of Authors
Publisher: Arabic for All
Pages: 49 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Description More Product Details Customer Reviews The student book contains 4 units deal with these subjects: shopping; air; people and places and hobbies; each has 6 lessons which are designed as follows:

Lesson One: Presentation; 3 pages that includes three dialogues. Lesson Two: Vocabulary; 3 pages that includes a basic vocabulary and additional vocabulary. Lesson Three: Grammar structures; 4 pages that includes exercises and grammar summary. Lesson Four: Sounds and listening comprehension; 3 pages that include minimal pairs; Qur'anic verses; sound recognition and production etc... Lesson Five: Speaking; 3 pages that include: dialogues; completion; describing pictures and communicative drills. Lesson Six: Reading and writing; 4 pages that include reading and writing on word; phrase; sentence and paragraph levels.

Tests and Evaluation: There are eight short 'test yourself' tests; each two pages; and two extensive tests; one for midterm after the eighth unit; and a final test after the sixteenth unit.

At the end of the book; there are lists of supportive illustrated vocabulary; a list of vocabulary; a list of vocabulary for each unit and a word list of all the words in the book arranged alphabetically.

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