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IQRA' Arabic Reader Teacher's Manual : Grade 1 (Spiral Binding)

IQRA' Arabic Reader Teacher's Manual : Grade 1 (Spiral Binding)

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Publisher/Manufacturer: IQRA

Product description:

This electronic teacher's guide accompanies the student's book according to IQRA' Arabic Curriculum. You can print any page or section; either in black and white or in color.

This CD contains the following main sections:A general mapping of the Arabic language curriculum for elementary grades and important related issues.A general guideline of the Arabic language curriculum.A detailed syllabus of Arabic language teaching for elementary levels; from grade 1-6; along with the educational objectives for each.A detailed scope and sequence based syllabus for first grade Arabic teaching.Samples of teacher's guide and steps to teaching selected lessons of the student's book.An appendix of 15 sample exams based on the material the textbook.An illustrated appendix of 22 Nasheed (songs / Rhymes) English translations.A glossary of the vocabulary used in the textbook and workbook with English meaning.


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