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Passivity in Religion (Harun Yahya) FREE WITH ANY ORDER OVER $60

Passivity in Religion (Harun Yahya) FREE WITH ANY ORDER OVER $60

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Publisher: Global Publishing
Pages: 112 Binding: Paper

Description from the publisher:

Basically; this book will examine both the overt and subtle methods employed by those who live amongst the Muslims; but who strive to demoralize them. And; it will deal with the attributes of those unbelievers who are prone to ally themselves with such people. In this regard; this book will expose all those character-types who aim to deflate the zeal of the Muslims. Finally; it will explain that what is incumbent upon the Muslims is to further the intellectual struggle; as mentioned in the Qur'an; against these ill-willed people; who strive to promote passivity and idleness among the Muslims.(Publisher's description)


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