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Al Jumuah Magazine : Volume 25; Issue 2: Safar 1434 AH (Jan 2012) : Despots and Despotism in the Quran Cover Story

Al Jumuah Magazine : Volume 25; Issue 2: Safar 1434 AH (Jan 2012) : Despots and Despotism in the Quran Cover Story

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ISBN: ISSN: 10923772
Author: Various
Publisher: Al Jumuah Inc.
Pages: 64 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

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  • Annotated Ayah
  • Thoughts
  • Adab
  • Qur'an
  • Sunnah
  • Article (Cover)
  • Diwan
  • Da'wah
  • Counsel & Comment
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    About Al Jumuah Magazine:

    Al-Jumuah started out as a single-page publication in 1991; being distributed in mosques on Fridays. In the following 12 months due to rising popularity and recognition; Al-Jumuah developed into a twenty-four page magazine. Following on in 1995 the number of pages jumped up drastically to fifty-two full color pages.

    The development and rise of Al-Jumuah Magazine must in truth be accorded to the guidance and support bestowed upon us by Allah (Exalted is He); and after that; to the hard work put in by our Al-Jumuah teams in America; Saudi Arabia as well as here in London.

    The purpose of the magazine is to satisfy a longstanding need to learn about Islam by non-Arabic speaking Muslims around the world; and to serve as a constant reminder in these difficult times. We are glad to have subscribers in Asia; Africa; the Americas; the Middle East and Europe.

    Al-Jumuah Magazine focuses on the call to Islam (Dawah); purity of belief in Allah (Aqeedah); various aspects of Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh); and other issues; striving to give knowledge in a practical and useful way. Every month; Al-Jumuah features articles on topics pertinent to Muslim living today; especially for those in the West.

    In addition to monthly features; Al-Jumuah has regular sections for Fiqh; Islamic History; Women's Issues; Trade & Finance; Parenting; the Prophetic Seerah; Muslim Character; Latest book reviews; Readers' forum; and much more. One of our most popular features is the Fatawa section where prominent scholars of today give answers and advice to contemporary questions and problems.

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