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How to Invite People to Allah (Dr. Mohammad Al Areefi)

How to Invite People to Allah (Dr. Mohammad Al Areefi)

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Author: Dr. Mohammad Al Areefi (Author)
Publisher: Darussalam (November 19; 2013)
Pages: 39 Binding: paperback

Description from the publisher:

Inviting people to Allah is one of the fundamental elements of Muslim faith. This brief booklet by Dr Muhammad Al-Areefi elaborates the importance of ‘Dah'wa' and provides answer to some key questions. Why is it important to invite people to the faith of Allah? How can sinners be involved in tackling evil and promoting good? What are the attributes of a sound preacher and how he should invite people to Allah?

Salient Features:

• 39 page brief and to the point content• Authentic info with sources• Explanation of key terms• Attributes and conditions of inviting to Allah• Simple and easy to understand language

The writer has actually helped Muslim youth in finding authentic and satisfactory answers to some burning questions of the modern time. Darussalam Publishers has converted this book in digital format; enabling youngsters to take this on their e-readers and enjoy reading while on the go.


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