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Easy Arabic Reader 1st Edition (Jane Wightwick)

Easy Arabic Reader 1st Edition (Jane Wightwick)

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ISBN: 9780071754026
Author: by Jane Wightwick (Author)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 1 edition (April 18; 2011)
Pages: 224

Description from the publisher:

The bestselling Easy Reader series; with its distinctive three-part structure that leads beginners to intermediate-level comprehension; now offers Arabic - and aids learners with audio recordings of selected readings from the book freely accessible online.About the BookThe highly successful Easy Reader series is based on the distinctive approach that the best way to build language skills is to start reading it. Suitable for beginners to intermediate-level learners; this book features engaging readings of progressive difficulty that allow readers to rapidly build comprehension. Review sections and comprehension questions are integrated throughout the text to reinforce what is learned through the readings.This book; divided into three parts; begins with a series of stories about an Arab-American as he takes a tour of the Middle East as a graduation present. In the second part; readers are introduced to key figures of Arab History; from Saladin; who fought the Crusades; to Said Ouita; the Moroccan Olympic runner. Finally; learners encounter adapted stories from tradition sources like the 1001 Arabian Nights; with a humorous modern slant.Complementing this bestselling series is an online component that provides a tremendous new dimension for beginning learners. A free-access website provides recordings of many of the readings contained in the book - providing learners with a perfect way to recognize unknown words and improve their pronunciation.

FeaturesEasy Reader series has excellent track record: 140;000+ copies sold of all editions.No other book on the market offers beginner-level Arabic readings.Convenient audio format allows listening online.Growing audience: study of Arabic has grown since 2000; but there are limited materials to progress beyond beginner.Progression of readings builds language skills graduallyIntroduces overview of rich history of Arab worldAudio recordings promote stronger listening and pronunciation skills


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