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The Complete Summons and General Reminder (Imam Al-Haddad)

The Complete Summons and General Reminder (Imam Al-Haddad)

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ISBN: 9781887752961
Author: by Imam Al-Haddad (Author); Mostafa Al-Badawi (Author)
Publisher: Fons Vitae;US (6 Feb. 2017)
Pages: 176 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The author introduces his book by saying; As for the introduction; we have explained in it the sum- mons to God; His religion; and His path. As for the eight sections; each concerns a certain category of people; the first category being the scholars; the second the ascetics and devotees; the third the kings; the rulers; and other people in authority; the fourth the merchants; the craftsmen; and other such people; the fifth the poor; the weak; and the destitute; the sixth the dependents such as the women; children; and slaves; the seventh the generality of believers; both the obedient among them and the transgressors; the eighth those who have not responded to the summons of God and His Messenger and do not believe in God and the Last Day. Finally; in conclusion; we give brief counsels of advice to all eight categories; in addition to general counsels and exhortations that soften the heart; the completion of which closes the book.


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