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An Introduction to Hadith (Ayhan Tekines)

An Introduction to Hadith (Ayhan Tekines)

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ISBN: 9781597843171
Author: Ayhan Tekines
Publisher: Tughra Books (October 7; 2015)
Pages: 150 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

An Introduction to Hadith is a comprehensive textbook for Hadith studies. It provides an academic introduction to Hadith methodology for intermediate level of study. Terminology; references; and information concerning personalities and methodology are presented in a comprehensible fashion. In addition to theoretical information; the analyses of 16 noble sayings of Prophet Muhammad; peace and blessings be upon him; will enrich the students' knowledge; and nurture their curiosity for further studies.

This book can be used for self-study or with the guidance of a teacher at Islamic schools and colleges as well as a basic reading source in Islamic studies.


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