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A Concise Introduction to Islam (Dr. Jerald F. Dirks)

A Concise Introduction to Islam (Dr. Jerald F. Dirks)

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ISBN: 9781590080801
Author: Jerald F. Dirks
Publisher: amana publications; First edition (August 4; 2014)
Pages: 64 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

In A Concise Introduction to Islam; Dr. Jerald Dirks presents a brief; simple; and straightforward introduction to one of the world s most misunderstood religions. The book consists of six easily understood chapters. The FIRST chapter focuses on the commonalities that exist between Islam and the Judaeo-Christian tradition; including similarities in prophetic history and in ethical and spiritual teachings. The SECOND chapter clears up prevalent misconceptions that exist about Islam; while the THIRD chapter presents the fundamental pillars of Islamic belief and practice. In the FOURTH chapter; Dr. Dirks examines four of the major differences between Islam and Christianity; including the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ; the crucifixion event; the nature of Jesus; and the nature of God. Finally; the last two chapters deal with hot potato topics. For example; the FIFTH chapter looks at the Islamic concept of Jihad and how that concept has been misunderstood and distorted by some so-called Muslims. The SIXTH chapter examines and clarifies the role of women in Islam and presents the evidence supporting the proposition that Islam is actually a champion of women s rights.


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